Freshman Advice 1 of ???

Here’s the first of many Freshman Advice blogs for all you lost freshman in WVU

You just got to WVU and while I’m sure you plan to A’s in all your classes your also looking to get that DubVU West Fucking Virginia experience. I came to this school looking to go to parties, get fucked up, and hopefully eventually bang hot chicks. If you do the first two enough the banging chicks part should come in time… Unless you’re a total squid… And if you are keep partying and drinking until you’re not anymore. If you came to this school like me and don’t know any upper classman, you’ll probably end up at a random house parties. You heard of from some other freshman who heard from some loud drunk guy in the Lair, or you’ll see one on the street and just stroll in. My friends and I did the exact same thing and had a great time doing it but there’s a few tricks to making it alot easier.

1. Make sure its a big party. Nobody wants a bunch of randoms crashing their small party unless its a bunch of drunk sluts.

2. Try to bring girls. If you can’t don’t sweat it too much but know that if the owners of the house don’t know you, you should probably at least act like you belong there.

3. Don’t look like a lost puppy or idk… a freshman. 

4 (and most important). Relax and meet people. This is how you actually get invited to parties and meet girls to fuck. If your banging chicks and not talking to any girls you’re either a rapist or have seriously unreal game. 

Dazed and Confused Paddle Scene

Nobodies gonna paddle you but they might make you chug until you blackout. 

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